Revised Winter Schedule

The people have spoken. In your feedback on English 340, two themes emerged. It was clear that you wanted:

  1. more assignment preparation, and
  2. a more thematic approach to lectures.

So I have revised the reading schedule for the second half of the course (Winter 2013). Here it is in PDF. In sum, here are the changes you’ll notice:

  • A new Topics column tells you what each lecture/discussion will focus on.
  • Each period (Romantic, Victorian, the Modernist Novel, and 20th-Century Poetry) will get a dedicated introduction. There will be more note-taking, more details, more pictures.
  • Each major writer gets a biographical introduction.
  • You can identify some of the thematic relationships between different readings–like recurring themes of language/style, (auto-)biography, nature and landscapes. I’ll use these overarching themes, and others that emerge in the course of the term, when writing questions for the Final Exam.
  • The Readings column has been thinned out a little. The most significant change is that the Darwin/Evolution section is gone, as is (sadly) Dylan Thomas. (Save them for your summer reading list?)
  • These removals make way for four sessions dedicated to the major upcoming assignments: the Research Project (3 out of 4 sessions) and the Final Exam. These will focus on practical skills to help you excel in the course.

These changes have necessitated a few shifts in blog deadlines, so if you’re organized enough to have already written them in your calendar for next term — and a gold star if you have — you may have some changes to make.

Happy holidays, and see you in January. I’ll be at the MLA Convention in Boston the week before classes.

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