Random post: Lady of Shalott song ?

So one afternoon i got bored.I was cruising instagram and decided to use the hash tag of my favorite poem so far… Lady of Shalott. I wasn’t expecting to find anything spectacular, but i did find two interesting things.  First, a picture was posted of a user’s favorite song called “Shalott”, written by Emilie Autumn, who actually happens to be some what famous. check it out below (lol)

Next, i was surprised to see that a lot of girls posted photos of nail polish/ painted nails. Surprisingly the colors named “Lady of Shalott” all happen to be dark, Gothic like colors. what is the significance or reason for this? I sure do not see any nice pinks or light blues…..

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  1. rosaleeb says:

    It’s funny that you brought up the nail polish colour because I remember before reading Lady of Shalott, I looked through my collection to find it. I didn’t think about the actual colour of it until reading the poem and seeing the painting of it that was shown in class. Now it seems quite odd to me that it’s such a gloomy colour because with all the paintings done depicting it I’d expect it to be something of a floral colour or at least something a little bit lighter. I found the description of the colour on the brand’s website and it says “a captive and ethereally beautiful sapphire heart, shrouded in a blackened curse”, so I guess what they were going for was depicting her curse and the river and the overall darkness and sadness behind the poem, (granted that’s assuming a nail polish company actually thought about it this much).

    Also, the brand that it comes from is called a-England; most of their colours are named after either characters from English literature, (Lady of Shalott [dark blue], Ophelia [dark purple], Jane Eyre [burgundy]) or poetic quotes from English authors, (“And the Moonbeams” – Percy Bysshe Shelley, “She Walks In Beauty” – Lord Byron). Just thought that was kind of a fun fact; in case anyone really likes any of the authors we’ve read enough to want to wear a nail polish named after them. =)

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