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A busy-bee student type at the University of Calgary in the midst of an undergraduate combined degree in Political Science and English.

Two Imaginatives Of Their Century

With this opportunity (or rather invitation) to write another blog post on Tennyson in association with his life/works and our interests, I chose to investigate more into my favourite era of literature: The Victorian Era had extremely profound writers throughout. … Continue reading

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What a Poetic Thought! Poets are Vessels!

Discussion Question: How does Shelley use nature to define the poet’s craft? At the end of his piece A Defence of Poetry, Percy Shelley wrote “poet’s are the hierophants of an unapprehended inspiration” (869). Assuming that nature is one of the possible … Continue reading

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Disappearing Personification

As I carefully read Chaucer’s work I found the passage about the characters’ adventure in the tale particularly interesting. Firstly, I was intrigued due to the resemblance to J.K Rowling’s “The Tale of the Three Brothers” from her short fictional book The Tales of … Continue reading

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